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JSF Seminars

Dr. D. Leitner is available for both private and large scale seminar events. You can host him at your company for private consultations and sessions or hold an open seminar event for your entire organization. The JSF Advisers programs include three primary concentrations. You will find opportunities to focus on your strategic learning, leadership training […]

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Leadership Training

Dr. D. Leitner will work with you and your leadership to help improve group dynamics and improve communication. JSF Advisers has five different training programs, each directed at a specific level or skillset: Visionary Leadership Program: Directed at top-tier leadership, the “Visionary Leadership Program” works to help the executive office make the right decisions about […]

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Strategic Thinking

Companies or individuals who want to improve their understanding of the strategic process and better prepare for the future are encouraged to host Dr. D. Leitner for a Strategic planning seminar or a coordinated strategic session. These seminars concentrate on strategic thinking and execution. As part of this, you will learn to establish a clear […]

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The JSF System

Based on a system of thought passed down for over 2000 years, the Jewish Strategic Framework uses Jewish concepts as the basis for strategic planning, operations, and decision making. This system combines modern strategic and management frameworks with the Jewish thought passed down about the Creation process, leadership, and strategy.

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At JSF Advisers, we believe that you can and should strategize your life. The JSF system combines strategic concepts from the military and business with scholarship from the last 2000 years to create an in-depth system that will teach you to engage in positive and effective leadership, strategic thought, operations, and tactics in your business and personal relations.

Dr. David Leitner created and is continually adapting the JSF System to incorporate new findings on strategy, operations, leadership, management, organizational psychology, and followership. The system is based on over 15 years of research and 8 years working as a strategic adviser.

JSF Advisers system utilizes a combination of well-known business and military theories to help individuals, organizations, and companies improve their ability to think and act strategically, operatively, and tactically. This helps improve strategic positioning and organizational leadership for business. In everyday life, strategic thinking and tactical action allow you to create the life you want.

Dr. D. Leitner volunteers with multiple teams and organizations to teach the JSF System. He is happy to give of his time to help companies, organizations, and individuals learn to use the system to improve their teamwork, leadership and management, and strategic, operative, and tactical thinking, preparation, and execution. Dr. D. is also available for consultations on strategy, operations, leadership, and team-building. He also provides one-on-one leadership and strategic engagement training.

All consultations, seminars, and lectures are given with no expectation of recompense. Dr. D. believes that educating people to think and act strategically is an essential, priceless, skill that should available to anyone who needs.

Please feel free to contact him for more information or to set up a meeting.