March 24, 2020

Parshat Vayekhel-Pikudei

Parashat Vayekhel-Pikudei – What an amazing parsha! We find the People of Israel in the midst of a Creative Process. Moses guides the people in building the Ohel Mo’ed (the Tent of Meeting) – the place where Hashem and the Tabernacles will reside.

A short video about Pashat Vayekhel-Pikudei

After Hashem provides Inspiration, in the form of the command to build the Ohel Mo’ed, and takes Moses through the Strategic stage (providing detailed expectations for the building), we come to the Operative stage where we meet the Resource-Doctrine divide. At this point in the Creative Process, we find that there are specific doctrinal values that limit or permit the use of resources as we move forward.

We will see that there are three major strategic elements that guide the operative stage – the resources to be used, the doctrine and values that guide the use of resources, and the organization of specific tasks and goals that will determine how to manifest Hashem’s Will.

The most prominent doctrinal value is that the People of Israel must keep the Shabbat. No matter how motivated they are to work, the Shabbat is declared sacred – a core value that cannot and should not be compromised. This limitation is placed on 39 actions the people need to take to build the Ohel. But more importantly, this doctrinal statement limits and delineates how time is to be used as a resource.

What follows is a determination of available resources – the second element that directly influences Operative stage decision-making. Lastly, Moses establishes a division of labor, explicit leadership, and clear delineation of the different goals and key results that need to be reached in order to build the Ohel Mo’ed.

Moving into Parashat Pikudei we find that the People of Israel are now at the Tactical stage in the Creative Process. The people maneuver and bring together all the disparate pieces so that Moses can put everything together – checking again and again that all the pieces fit the original strategic concept and that all the pieces fit.

Lastly, we close out this double parsha with Hashem’s cloud coming down to reside in the newly built Ohel Mo’ed. This moves us into the Techno-Tactical stage – the stage of relations between Hashem and the People of Israel. Next week we will discuss how the parsha epitomized this stage in the Creative Process as we examine the role of the Cohanim who are tasked with helping and guiding the people in their relations with Hashem.

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