The JSF System has been in development since 2002.

The inspiration for the JSF can be traced back to several courses on strategy and military history taught at Bar-Ilan University. These courses discussed the nature of power and strategy from the military perspective but opened the possibility that the ideas and theories were relevant to many other interactions – from business to interpersonal relations. Dr. David Leitner, was drawn to the possibility of convergence between military and business strategy and Jewish concepts during his BA studies at Bar-Ilan University.

These correlations were further reinforced as he studied power relations while researching his Ph.D. on state followership. During that time, he noticed that some of his Torah studies were reminiscent of ideas taught in his BA. He also found that some of those concepts aligned with what he was researching. Or more appropriately – what he learned about strategy and power were reiterations of concepts taught by Jewish scholars and philosophers for hundreds of years.

As Dr. Leitner further researched and studied, he found that Jewish scholars have been passing down strategic concepts from generation to generation for over 2000 years. Over that time, Jewish teachings established the hierarchy, phases, and elements inherent to every creative process. According to their teachings, these are built into the very essence of all human interaction.

The Jewish Strategic Framework (JSF) was further developed and solidified by Dr. Leitner as he worked as a strategic adviser with multiple individuals and companies. During this time, and through the multitude of experiences advising and guiding others, Dr. Leitner was introduced to scholarship that threw further light on correlations between strategic concepts and Jewish understanding about the creation process and the manifestation of ideas.

In examining these, Dr. Leitner began to see even more similarities with modern strategic frameworks. By comparing these modern systems with the Jewish scholarship, Dr. Leitner was able to verify the underlying, and significant, correlations with modern strategic theories, principles, and frameworks.

Working with dozens of businesses, entrepreneurs, and students, Dr. Leitner formulated an approach for applying the JSF to every level of human interaction – from the individual to state. The system uses methods from psychology, military and business strategy, politics, communications, and Jewish teachings to assist individuals and companies with their strategic planning, operations, maneuvers, and engagement.

The JSF System teaches how to use the Jewish Strategic Framework for analytic purposes as well as a method to guide strategic decision-making, leadership, team building, and to improve interpersonal and company relations.