Leadership and Management Seminars are designed to successfully prepare you and your leadership team to guide vision from potentiality to manifestation. To do so requires both effective leadership and management. Working with JSF Advisers, you will learn to differentiate between leadership and management while mastering how to engage both these crucial functions. Whether you are a large company or a small private group, understanding the difference between these can have a significant impact on your ability to garner cooperation from those you rely on to accomplish the different tasks necessary for the successful implementation of your ideas. During these open seminars or private sessions you will learn about:

  1. Effective Leadership and Management. You will hear about the most critical aspects of leadership for your team. In doing so, you will learn to pinpoint who is taking on this vital task. You will learn the difference between leadership and management to delineate between these two functions. Once you understand and clearly define these functions, you will be able to outline the working relationship between the team leaders and members of each of your teams.
  2. Understanding and Identifying Followership. You will learn about the different types of followers you might find in any group. To successfully achieve any goal requires the leadership, management, and followership align their purposes and delineate the roles for each. Manifesting an idea requires that all parties involved understand their tasks and how their goals are part of the overall mission. Knowing the different followers can help leadership determine the likelihood they will be willing to help accomplish any given task. Understanding the follower’s developmental level can help establish the type and method of guidance in achieving those goals. This knowledge gives leaders a clear understanding of the team’s needs and capabilities. Identifying different follower types can propel an organization towards success.
  3. Leadership and Management Feedback system. Your team leaders and managers will learn how to observe and provide constructive feedback. As part of this, they will learn how to lean in and approach assessment and comments as mechanisms for inspiring their followers. They will determine how different follower types require different types of engagement. Also, the leadership and management will consider or establish the feedback system allowing their subordinates and followers to share their thoughts and assessment of the tasks they face. 

Together, these programs can help your leadership understand the need for an upward evaluation system. Learning the differences between active management and leadership, as well as the different follower types and developmental levels, will help the leaders improve their relations with their followers. Implementing the lessons learned from these seminars can propel an organization’s execution and ability to attain objectives efficiently and effectively.