Dr. D. Leitner will work with you and your leadership to help improve group dynamics and improve communication. JSF Advisers has five different training programs, each directed at a specific level or skillset:

  1. Visionary Leadership Program:
    Directed at top-tier leadership, the “Visionary Leadership Program” works to help the executive office make the right decisions about future administrative positions within the organization. It also helps the executive team effectively communicate strategic objectives and determine who should be promoting those objectives. Participants in this program learn to identify leaders with effective feedback systems who are most likely to bring organizationally driven concepts to fruition. The program also helps create or improve the necessary feedback loops that will provide top-tier leadership with the information most likely to lead to ethical decisions making for future success.
  2. Leadership/Management Divide:
    The “Leadership/Management Divide” program was designed initially for middle-management, but understanding this divide is vital for any level of leadership. From families or small teams to the highest level of any organization, understanding the core differences between leadership and management can significantly impact the ability to accomplish goals in a timely and efficient manner. This program concentrates explicitly on the differences between effective leadership and management. The participants learn whether they are functioning as leadership or management.
    The program guides the participants in understanding the different skills needed for each of these tasks. They will discover which skills they are strongly suited to and learn how to improve their weaker skills as well as teach these skills to their team leaders. This ability to guide future generations of organizational leadership will better guide their teams to success.
  3. Team Leader Training:
    Working with team leaders, Dr. D. helps figure out the primary leadership skills and styles presently being employed in different relations. The “Team Leader Training” acts as the springboard for understanding how to improve leaders-follower relations and incorporate new skills and leadership styles into everyday interactions. Participants in this program learn to differentiate between different follower types and developmental levels. Understanding the nature of the followers will improve the ability to communicate team expectations and guide any team to meet its goals.
  4. Leaning In – Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills. 
    The “Leaning In” program concentrates specifically on the skills for exemplary communication and positive feedback systems. We work together to improve communication skills. You and your team will learn about the different leadership styles and begin to understand how specific techniques are more or less effective with different types of followers and different developmental levels. As part of this program, we run simulations that help instill a clear understanding of how to give feedback, accept feedback, determine roadblocks, provide instructions and coaching, as well as create positive relations with different types of followers. 
  5. One on One Leaning In Session.
    You are also invited to hold one on one sessions with Dr. D. to learn how leaning in can specifically help them with the followers in your organization. Your leadership and management will learn, based on team assessment documentation and observation, where they can improve their leadership and management skills and where they are successfully fulfilling their leadership function. Team leaders and managers learn where they are effectively bolstering each other – creating a constructive environment for their subordinates and teams – and where they need to improve their working relationships to better meet the organization’s expectations and the needs of their followers. 

Interestingly, Dr. D. has gotten feedback from people who participated in these sessions through their work telling him that the lessons and evaluations can also help parents understand where they are successfully engaging each other and their children. With that in mind, he has adapted these training sessions to include discussions about their application beyond work – for families and couples who want to improve their strategic thinking and execution.