Dr, D. Leitner, and JSF Advisers as part of its culture, holds by a strict non-disclosure policy. Whether you are an individual, a joint venture, entrepreneur, company or a multi-national corporation, you can rest assured that any work done with Dr. D. will be undertaken with the utmost discretion.

This non-disclosure policy includes a promise that the work we do will not be photographed, filmed, or distributed publically without prior written consent from all the parties involved.

If you choose to sign an agreement for public distribution, we will consult with you prior to any use of the material involved.

Please contact Dr. D. if you would like to be a member of our endorsement coalition. Coalition members agree that Dr. Leitner can pass on contact information to a relevant party. He will ask permission each time he intends to use you as a contact for endorsement unless you provide written carte blanche consent.