In addition to his seminars and presentations, Dr. D. Leitner is available for intimate strategic consultations. Using the JSF System he will help you determine where you are in the strategic process and guide you to establish clear objectives and operations for future success.

Additionally, Dr. D. is available to teach and consult on leadership and team building. He will coach and guide members of your staff who may need a boost in their leadership. This consultation addresses both how the leaders relate to followers and team members, as well as their capacity to engage strategic understanding and engagement.

Our one-on-one sessions can take place either in-house or off-site depending on how you feel these meetings will impact your team.

Dr. D. Leitner volunteers with multiple teams and organizations to teach the JSF System. He is happy to give of his time to help companies, organizations, and individuals learn to use the system to improve their teamwork, leadership and management, and strategic, operative, and tactical thinking, preparation, and execution.

All consultations, seminars, and lectures are given with no expectation of recompense. Dr. D. believes that educating people to think and act strategically is an essential, priceless, skill that should available to anyone who needs.

Please feel free to contact him for more information or to set up a meeting.