Companies or individuals who want to improve their understanding of the strategic process and better prepare for the future are encouraged to host Dr. D. Leitner for a Strategic planning seminar or a coordinated strategic session.

These seminars concentrate on strategic thinking and execution. As part of this, you will learn to establish a clear vision and create a Tree of Knowledge. These seminars and sessions include:

  1. The Power Process and Strategy:
    An explanation of the entire process that takes an idea from first contact through execution and manifestation. This seminar explains the different stages in that process and looks at the role of strategy in bringing about change. Learning about the different steps, the guiding elements of each phase, and how strategy guides the move from stage to stage is essential for anyone hoping to effectively and efficiently change or influence the world around them
  2. Delineating Partners, Receivership, and Followership.
    Working together we will determine who the main players are in your strategic sphere. We will help you understand the partners or potential partners in your endeavor. You will clearly delineate your customer base or those will receive value from the successful manifestation of your ideas. With that, you will learn how the hierarchy of leadership and followership will drive your strategic concept into operative achievements as your ideas move from potential into reality.
  3. Acknowledging Inspiration and information overload:
    In order to properly prepare and plan for the future, we must understand the core ideas inspiring our actions and learn about our information biases. This is the first step in creating a strategy that is both flexible and robust. Here you will examine how to better understand and analyze incoming information so your company or group can engage the data to build a clear picture of your position, present challenges, and potential futures.
  4. Balancing the Resource – Value intersection:
    Dr. D. will work with you to determine your identity and its impact on decision-making. We will use that information to establish a clear doctrine based on specific values you feel are of greatest import. You will also delineate the resources available or necessary to guide future events and figure out where you are misusing resources. In addressing the Resource – Value divide we will establish clear objectives and key results for the coming engagements.